Kati Walker


Kati Walker received her BFA and worked in in the corporate work force for many years. She
took the opportunity to be a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT 200) at one point and never looked back.
Her certifications include: Yoga for Cancer survivors through Cyndi Lee Om Center, Yoga for Scoliosis and back care through Elise Browning- Miller, Restorative Yoga principles through Roger Cole. Kati expanded her studies in energy work when she met Suren Shrestha in 2009 to include her certification as an Atma Buti® certified Sound Healing Practitioner. In 2015 Kati studied with Maharishi Ayurveda Association of America to receive her certification in Ayurveda Wellness Education. In 2016 she received her CHTP Healing Touch (endorsed by American Holistic Nurses Association) Currently Kati is working on her Reiki 3 Certification. Kati continues to offer group sound healings across the Tri- State area and has her private practice out of three studios.

Tomoko Mays


Tomoko is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner, certified HeartMath® practitioner, Yoga/QiGong Practitioner, life/health coach, and speaker. Tomoko holds a Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine from The International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine and works individually with clients as well as in group settings. She helps people heal, transform, and awake to their soul's calling. Tomoko’s holistic, intuitive, and multi-dimensional approach integrates your body, mind, heart, and soul. She works with you to heal and release what keeps you small, limited, or stuck, so you can step into your light and live the life you desire. Her spiritual background includes yoga (union), Buddhism and metaphysics. Throughout her life anytime something looked as though life was taking her one way, the right door would open and she’d walk right through it. She remained in faith. Tomoko has over 17 years of Clinical Research experience in Oncology, Hematology, and Central Nervous System (CNS).

Denise Mihalik


Denise Mihalik is a certified Atma Buti Sound Healing Teacher and Practitioner, Yoga and YogaVoice® Instructor (RYT 500+), professional classical singer and certified energy worker. Denise holds a BME from Westminster Choir College and an MM in opera performance from UNC-Greensboro and has sung with many different orchestras and opera companies throughout the US, including four national tours. She has been teaching voice for over 25 years including Westminster Conservatory, UNC-Chapel Hill, Meredith College, and Felician College. Merging two loves- singing and yoga, she has spent the second half of her professional life diving more deeply into the art of sound healing, chant and meditation. Her studies have taken her abroad to Nepal, India, Nova Scotia, and Guatemala. Her focus as a sound healing teacher is to assist others on the path of: Developing a Sound Technique Awakening Deep Listening Skills (Musically, Individually and Professionally including The Art of Listening to Others, The Healing Sound of Silence, Hearing Harmonics, Intervals and Tone Quality.

Julia Abramova 

Contact: julia@jyotiyogahealing.com 

Julia has always looked to find inner balance and peace thus began her yoga journey in 2007.  She soon realized that there was a need to work with students on a more individual basis in order to help them find peace and balance within their bodies. Julia strongly believes that we are all capable of healing ourselves. Through her dedication to her students and a holistic approach Julia serves as a catalyst that ignites the healing fire within.

The mission of Jyoti Yoga is to promote equilibrium within the mind/body connection through the unified and synergistic application of the Ayurveda, Yoga, Energy and Sound Healing therapies.

Maria Dummermuth

Contact: dumma4@msn.com

Ever since she can remember, Maria’s passion has always been movement.  As she journeyed from group fitness, to pilates, to yoga and holistic healing there is so much to learn and it brings her great joy to share any knowledge she acquires with all of her students and clients.

As a graduate of the Atma Buti Soul Medicine Sound and Vibrational School Teacher Training program, April 2016 – Maria is proud and excited to share the knowledge that has learned from Suren Shrestha and the Atma Buti® School. Maria recently spent 19 days in Nepal studying the Cosmology of Shamanism and is excited to explore how connection with
spirit relates to our playing of the singing bowls. Maria has been blessed to be able to offer private and group sound healing sessions on a regular basis and feels so lucky to be doing a job that does not feel like work at all!