How many levels of classes should I take? What do you suggest?

It is totally up to you!  We encourage you to take as many levels of class as you desire according to your preference, interest, availability and budget.  It is beneficial to take time for practice between classes and to complete some of the coursework, but with travel, life and busy schedules – many Atma Buti students sign up for levels I-III all together.​

Can I take private classes at AtmaButi School in my own schedule?

Private classes are scheduled on an “as available basis” only.  Please, check our schedule at Click here for Calendar & communicate with us writing at before finalizing your schedule & dates for private classes.

Will I receive Certificate after taking Level 1 class?

Atmabuti (Soul Medicine) Sound and Vibrational School is accredited by State of CO, USA.  A certificate will be provided after the successful completion of levels I-III, all the required materials and a 2 day practicum (scheduled within two years of completing the I-III courses).  Please refer to the registration for more information regarding the practicum requirement for certification.

Can I take Level 2 class without taking Level 1 class?

You are required to take Level I, II, & III classes in sequential order due to some prerequisite requirements. You can only take Level II class after completing Level I class and so forth.

When can I take Level 4 class?

Level IV is an advanced skills class that can be taken by any student wishing to continue their education after completing Level III.

I am flying into Boulder. Any suggestions on accommodation?

Hampton Inn Hotel at Gunpark is located at the walking distance, across the street from our School. Here is the link for this hotel: Click Here

Boulder Twin Lake Inn is affordable compare to Hampton Inn Hotel and it is few blocks away from our School. Here is the link for this Inn: Click Here

If you are renting a car, Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast can be a great option. Here is the link for further info: Click Here

Please, Click Here for other available hotels & bed & breakfast around Boulder.

Another great way to rent or share a house around our school area is through Airbnb. Please, type 6395 Gunpark Drive, Boulder, CO, United States in "Where" section & you will get list of homes that are nearby our school area. Here is the link for further information on this. Click Here

Here are links for couple of options for housing through Airbnb: Click Here & Click Here

Please, check here for Similar Listings for more options: Click Here

Boulder is very beautiful & small city. If you are interested to know more about Boulder, please, Click Here. Want to find out what you can do while you are in Boulder? Click Here!

How about the transportation information from Denver International Airport (DIA) to AtmaButi School?

There are numerous ground transportation option available at DIA. You can fly in & take the RTD AB Bus ($10.50  exact change/person, One way) directly into Boulder (45min.), and a taxi from Walnut Station to Hampton Hotel across from the school (15min.)

Ground Transportation RTD Service DIA – Boulder Transit Station Walnut: Click Here

Boulder Yellow Cab: Click Here 

We suggest taking Green Ride Shuttle because they have door-to-door service. For more information about Green Ride Shuttle, please, Click Here & for their schedule, please, Click Here

For more ground transportation options: Click Here

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